About Us

I remember my first “drive” with my son’s “Frisbee” went out 40 ft made a sharp right (I’m left handed) and landed 60 ft down the embankment.  My second shot went another 40 ft flew sharp right and I hit my own pickup.  I was hooked! 

With this company, I hope bring attention to a sport that I now enjoy, Disc Golf. I would like to use Cracker Jack Apparel (d.b.a. Disc Golf Oregon) to promote the sport, especially to the young and old, and give back to the community by participating in fund raisers through the selling of our disc golf apparel and donations.  Lets get out and promote the sport!  Like our company motto reads “Let’em know you play”.  

We are committed to providing the best products possible at fair prices.  Please watch as our product lines grows, and we add new disc golf related items to our inventory.  We will be looking to attend disc golf tournaments this spring and summer so keep an eye out for us!  Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and enjoy your visit.